PAH is addressing the need for polyvalent vaccines for chickens that can be administered in the egg (in ovo vaccination). Current chicken vaccines don’t work well and are archaically administered to flocks of chickens. In ovo vaccination represents a more efficient way to administer vaccines to chickens that are about to hatch.

Current Unmet Medical Need
Current vaccines for chickens are of limited utility and the current vaccines are nowhere near adequate and very hard to give to chickens that are roaming around a barn. Many times, the current vaccines used may not protect against the relevant virus or viruses that are circulating.

In addition, current vaccines for chickens are inadequate due to their:
-Limited amount of protection (efficacy)
-Limited period of protection at early age and over time
-Limited duration of antibody response
-Lack of availability for many types of bacteria and viruses

-Current oil-based vaccines have several serious side effects

PAH Medical Solution and Competitive Advantages
IMT504 has the potential to provide a set of vaccines and therapies that will have:
-Vastly greater levels of protection (much higher antibody levels and longer duration of antibody protection)
-Broader cross-protection against other strains
-Prolonged period of protection
-Fast onset of protection
-Superior safety profile
-IMT504 based vaccine will be oil-free vaccines
-IMT504 will be used to produce vaccines more efficiently and economically due to antigen dose-sparing

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